NSW and ACT Hepatitis B for Nurses and Midwives


Delivery Mode:
18 May - 25 May
9:00 am
Midwives, Nurses

Course Overview

Course Description: 

The course will provide Nursing and Midwifery Professionals with advanced practical skills and knowledge in hepatitis B nursing.  


The course includes presentations and case discussions that introduce the epidemiology and natural history of hepatitis B, vaccination, testing, fibrosis assessment, advanced liver disease, stigma and discrimination and the cultural context of hepatitis B nursing and midwifery. 


Date and Time: 

Session 1: Saturday 18 May, 9:00AM – 1:00PM (AEST) 

Session 2: Saturday 25 May, 9:00AM – 1:00PM (AEST) 


Target Audience: 

Nursing and Midwifery professionals based in NSW   


Course Components: 

This course will be presented as a mix of self-paced and live facilitated learning, providing attendees an opportunity to discuss and practice strategies with peers and specialists. This is comprised of:  

  • Online Learning Modules  
  • Video Modules  
  • Two 4-hour interactive webinars via Zoom, accessed through the ASHM online learning platform  


Learning Outcomes: 

Through online learning and virtual teaching, participants will learn to:   

  • Outline the epidemiology of hepatitis B and the risk factors for hepatitis B transmission.     
  • Identify opportunities for screening and testing, vaccination and linkage to care    
  • Outline nurses’ and midwives’ role in providing culturally appropriate care, free from stigma and discrimination    
  • Outline the nurses’ and midwives’ role in identifying, diagnosing, assessing, monitoring and treating patients with chronic hepatitis B and advanced liver disease.     
  • Utilise innovative strategies and models of care that deliver care for patients with hepatitis B 


Endorsement and CPD: 

This activity, including all required pre-course and post-course work is equivalent to 10 CPD hours.

Additionally, the suggested self-paced learning components are equivalent to an additional 2.0 CPD hours.

Australian College of Midwives CPD Endorsed Activity

This course is endorsed by ACN according to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Endorsed Course Standards. It has been allocated 10 CPD hours according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Continuing Professional Development Standard.



This activity is funded by NSW Health.   


Course flyer:

To view the course flyer click here.


For more information: 

Please contact ASHM Education at education@ashm.org.au or call 0431 320 429. 


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