What We Do

ASHM represents healthcare professionals in HIV, BBV, and sexual and reproductive health. We partner and collaborate to enhance workforce capacity and strengthen health systems to address stigma and barriers to care.

As a trusted community of practice, we provide resources, training, conferences, and advocacy. Join us in eliminating harm, improving wellbeing, and protecting diverse communities.

Developing a sustainable HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce

ASHM is a peak organisation for health workers and medical professionals who work in HIV, blood borne viruses (BBVs), and sexual and reproductive health (SRH).

ASHM draws on its experience and expertise to support the health workforce and to contribute to the sector, domestically and internationally. ASHM is a professional, not-for-profit, member-based organisation. It supports its members, sector partners and collaborators to generate knowledge and action in clinical management and research, education, policy and advocacy in Australasia.

Our Vision

The virtual elimination of HIV, viral hepatitis, other BBVs and significant reduction of sexually transmissible infections (STIs)

Our Mission

To provide leadership in the field of HIV, viral hepatitis, other BBVs and STIs through collaboration, facilitation, direct action, and workforce capacity building

Our Values

ASHM prioritises collaboration, best practices, transparency, community ties, cultural respect, privacy, and addressing social inequities for continual quality improvement.

Our Commitment

ASHM is committed to the principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century, as well as the highest standards of ethical conduct as practiced by medical, scientific and healthcare professions. ASHM supports the aspirations and goals of the Closing the Gap Statement of Intent for Health Equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ASHM also affirms that Maori as tangata whenua hold a unique place in New Zealand, and that the Treaty of Waitangi is the nation’s founding document, and as an organisation, commits to uphold the key Treaty principles for involving Maori including partnership, participation and protection. 

ASHM is committed to continual quality improvement and working in ways that:

• support collaboration, partnership and cooperation 

• reflect best practice in management and service delivery, and are informed by the latest scientific, clinical, health and policy research 

• maintain transparency, industrial fairness and democratic decision-making 

• strengthen ties with affected populations 

• respect cultural differences and diversity, particularly focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 

• respect privacy and confidentiality, and 

• redress social inequities 

ASHM is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for Australian Aid and Development Agencies, which is administered by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).

How We Deliver

Professional Development

ASHM develops and delivers education and training to support the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce.


These are delivered face-to-face, virtually or on-demand through our training library.

Resource Development

ASHM develops a comprehensive range of resources as well as a series of profession-based booklets for allied health workers and other professionals who may come into contact with blood-borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections.


ASHM advocates for members and stakeholders, handles professional affairs through the Board, offers advice and referrals, and collaborates with organisations on issues like transmissible infections among healthcare workers.

Policy Development

ASHM influences policy by developing evidence-based position statements, contributing to third-party policy development, advocating for policy change, and maintaining a policy archive on our website for public input and publication.

Conference & Event Management

ASHM’s Conference & Events Division excels in delivering successful conferences and events, offering comprehensive management services, prioritizing client goals, and preserving organizational identity in the medical and health sectors.

Scholarship Program

With a strong track record, the team at ASHM excels in managing notable conference scholarship programs, including the AIDS 2014 domestic scholarship program, the 2012 Microbicides Conference, and the ASHM Scholarship Program.

Conferences and Events

Discover our events calendar, featuring impactful health conferences and educational gatherings. Join health professionals, researchers, and community organisations in HIV, BBV, sexual health and other health fields. Explore our calendar to find engaging opportunities tailored to your interests and professional development.

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