Leadership and Governance

Our organisation emphasises good governance to achieve strategic objectives and serve members and stakeholders effectively.

 Led by an experienced team, we prioritise integrity, inclusivity, and responsible practices. Through robust governance structures, open communication, and stakeholder engagement, we strive for excellence.

Board Composition

Our Board of Directors is responsible for providing strategic guidance and oversight of ASHM’s activities, ensuring that our organisation is well-managed and achieves its goals. 


We seek people from diverse backgrounds, with experience in the health or not-for-profit sector, as well as expertise in areas relevant to ASHM’s work, such as HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexual and reproductive health.

Board Elections

ASHM’s Constitution sets out the rules regarding the election of Directors. It requires board elections follow ASIC requirements, and that directors have the right skills and experience. 


Terms last 2 years, and directors may serve for up to 2 additional terms. Removal is possible for certain reasons, such as bankruptcy or absence from 3 consecutive meetings.

Board Responsibilities and Manual

ASHM’s Directors are volunteer, non-executive Directors, and do not form part of ASHM’s executive management team. 


They have specific duties and responsibilities and are required to complete various forms and engage in several checks and balances. All directors are provided with an ASHM Board Manual, based on the AICD Not-for-Profit Governance Principles.

ACNC Standards

ASHM is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and performs periodic reviews to ensure we meet their core governance standards. 


The ACNC has established six standards to ensure that we operate responsibly and maintain public trust. The standards cover areas, such as working towards charitable purposes, accountability to members, compliance with laws, suitability and duties of directors, and maintaining public trust and confidence.

National Advisory Groups (NAGs)

These groups are composed of a diverse range of members with relevant expertise, providing valuable input and advice to the board, helping to inform and guide strategic objectives and activities. 


This process helps to promote transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in ASHM’s decision-making.

Policies and Reports

ASHM has various policies and reports available for public review, including our Constitution, Annual Reports (including financial reports), and minutes of our Annual General Meetings (AGMs). 


We also maintain a register of conflicts of interest and a skills matrix to ensure we have an appropriate mix of skills on our board.

Insurance Policies

ASHM maintains several insurance policies, including Public and Products Liability, Associations Liability, Travel, Office and equipment loss or damage, and Workers Compensation.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of governance and are constantly seeking to improve our processes and procedures to ensure we are best serving our members and stakeholders.

Conferences and Events

Discover our events calendar, featuring impactful health conferences and educational gatherings. Join health professionals, researchers, and community organisations in HIV, BBV, sexual health and other health fields. Explore our calendar to find engaging opportunities tailored to your interests and professional development.

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