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Developing a sustainable HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexual health workforce

ASHM is a peak organisation of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand who work in HIV, viral hepatitis, other BBVs and sexually transmissible infections. ASHM draws on its experience and expertise to support the health workforce and to contribute to the sector, domestically and internationally. ASHM is a professional, not-for-profit, member-based organisation. It supports its members, sector partners and collaborators to generate knowledge and action in clinical management and research, education, policy and advocacy in Australasia and internationally. It is committed to quality improvement, and its products and services are sought after by governments, members, health care workers and affected people. ASHM's dedicated membership, high-calibre staff and commitment to partnership assure its effectiveness in achieving its mission.

Our Vision

The virtual elimination of HIV, viral hepatitis, other BBVs and significant reduction of sexually transmissible infections

Our Mission

To provide leadership in the field of HIV, viral hepatitis, other BBVs and sexually transmissible infections through collaboration, facilitation, direct action, and workforce capacity building

Our Values & Approach

ASHM is committed to the principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century, as well as the highest standards of ethical conduct as practiced by the medical, scientific and health care professions. ASHM supports the aspirations and goals of the Closing the Gap Statement of Intent for Health Equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ASHM also affirms that Maori as tangata whenua hold a unique place in New Zealand, and that the Treaty of Waitangi is the nation's founding document, and as an organization commits to uphold the key Treaty principles for involving Maori including partnership, participation and protection. ASHM is committed to continual quality improvement and working in ways that:

  • support collaboration, partnership and cooperation
  • reflect best practice in management and service delivery
  • are informed by the latest scientific, clinical, health and policy research
  • maintain transparency, industrial fairness and democratic decision-making
  • strengthen ties with affected populations
  • respect cultural differences and diversity particularly focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • respect privacy and confidentiality, and
  • redress social inequities

ASHM is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for Australian aid and development agencies, which is administered by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). ASHM is committed to full adherence to the ACFID Code of Conduct.

As an ACFID Code of Conduct signatory, ASHM complies with policies that include child protection, non-development activity and conflict of interest.

ASHM welcomes inputs and feedback from all stakeholders. Comments should be directed to  

How We Work

ASHM works collaboratively and in partnership to prevent HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs, and to preserve and protect the health of those living with these infections. It aims to function as a cohesive and inclusive group of professionals, advancing its vision in a skilled, informed, compassionate and appropriate way.


In order to achieve our Mission, ASHM will:

  1. Establish, support and maintain partnerships and collaborations to maximise the capacity of the workforce to play an effective role in the prevention, diagnosis and management of BBV and STI.
  2. Provide leadership in health workforce and research-based policy development and support the efforts of others relating to policy and advocacy in the sector.
  3. Provide the workforce when responding to BBV and STI with the skills and support necessary for prevention, identification, management and treatment through the delivery of education, training and resources
  4. Develop, review, provide and promulgate a range of resources for the workforce when responding to BBV and STI.
  5. Support and facilitate the exchange of knowledge through conferences and events that provide educational and networking opportunities.
  6. Promote ASHM’s identity as a membership organisation, recognising the value membership brings to the organisation, and grow membership.
  7. Maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of ASHM’s governance and sustainability framework.

Complaints Handling

If you wish to make a complaint against an ASHM staff member or volunteer, please send an email to either the ASHM Chief Executive Officer, Alexis Apostolellis or to the ASHM President, Dr Nicholas Medland.

ASHM maintains an External Complaints Policy, which includes a clear procedure to be followed in the case of a complaint being received. A copy of this policy will be made available upon request.

If you wish to report a breach of the ACFID's Code of Conduct to which ASHM is a signatory, please refer to the ACFID website for instructions.

Our Governance and Business

ASHM is a company limited by guarantee and tax deductible gift recipient. It is governed by a constitution and voluntary board. The work of the Society is conducted by a secretariat and through the contributions of members and sector partners.

About the ASHM Website

The ASHM website targets an audience of health care professionals in Australasia and/or those working in related areas of health concerned with HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health. Information provided herein is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between health care professionals and their patients and clients. 

​The ASHM website is our core communication tool. Different pages and sub sites are supported by funding from state and federal government agencies, commercial companies, and non-government organisations. Our editorial content is free from any commercial influence.