Virtual & Hybrid Events

In today’s evolving landscape, digital event options have become essential in delivering research and educational content, maintaining connections within your sector, and engaging both your audience and sponsors while continuing to meet your event objectives.

Choosing the right delivery option for your digital event can be overwhelming. Live? On-Demand? Synchronized? Broadcast? With the myriad of options available, it can be challenging to navigate the best approach. That’s where our experienced conference program team comes in. We understand the intricacies of digital content delivery and can help you determine the most suitable method that aligns with your program and event goals.

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Our Full-Service Package

Personalised Virtual Event Delivery

From live to on-demand events, we help you determine and deliver your virtual event using the most suitable method for your goals.

Pre-Event Planning

Our team takes the stress out of setting up your virtual event, handling everything from registrations to platform set-up. 

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Connect your attendees with world-leading speakers from across the world with interactive Q&A sessions. 

Virtual Networking Opportunities

Foster meaningful interactions and create a sense of community with virtual networking events. 

Event Communications

Keep your attendees updated with our pre- and post-event communications. 

Event Engagement Analysis

Understand your attendee’s engagement with your event through comprehensive data on attendance rates, duration of stay, geographical origin, and more. 

Supporting our sector events for over 20 years.​

ASHM Conference and Events Division is an independent division within the ASHM Health, specifically established to support the medical, health and scientific sectors via the delivery of professional, memorable, and successful conferences and events.

Our Innovative Solutions

Conference Management

We manage, organise, and oversee all aspects of your conference to the highest-quality standards. 

Virtual & Hybrid Events

We understand the intricacies of digital content delivery and can manage all of your virtual and hybrid event needs. 

Sponsorship & Exhibition

We identify and build valuable partnerships with sponsors and exhibitors for a fulfilling experience for all. 


Our efficient registration system means a seamless sign-up and secure purchasing experience for attendees. 

Abstract and Program Management

Our comprehensive approach to abstract management is built on the expertise of our experienced staff and the cutting-edge technology. 

Marketing and Promotions

We work with you to create a tailored marketing plan, leveraging online, social media and sector communications to meet your conference objectives. 

Contact our Conferences and Events Team

Contact us to discuss your conference needs and see how we can bring your event to life with our expert conference planning and marketing services.

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