Sponsorship & Exhibition

At ASHM, it is our specialty to assist you in identifying and capitalising on new sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. We excel in designing customised packages that are appealing to large and smaller companies alike, empowering all exhibitors and sponsors to maximise their investment and achieve their objectives. 
We go beyond simply securing sponsorships and exhibitors. We actively collaborate throughout the entire process, from contracting to delivery, to guarantee a high-quality relationship and the successful fulfilment of their packages.

Delegates across ASHM and client conferences
Conference scholarships provided

Our Full-Service Package

Personalised & Tailored Packages

We take a personalised approach to create tailored packages which align with sponsor and exhibitor objectives.

Value at All Investment Levels

We ensure that even smaller companies receive significant exposure and benefits by exhibiting at or sponsoring events. 

Market Opportunity Mapping

Our extensive understanding of the sector means we can identify and foster sponsorship opportunities which align with your event and organisational goals. 

Exhibition logistics

Through our industry relationships and negotiation, we get the best packages for your exhibitors. Your sponsors and exhibitors can look forward to a great ROI through our innovative floorplans.

Relationship & Stakeholder Management

We actively manage the relationship between sponsors, exhibitors, and your team to ensure the successful delivery of their packages and a positive experience for all.

ROI & Post-Event Evaluation

Understand the return on investment of your event with our financial reporting. 

Working together with our community.

Since 2015, the ASHM Scholarship Program provides a variety of scholarships to assist ASHM members, affiliates and others in the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health sector to attend national and international conferences to support their continuing professional development.

Scholarships have previously been awarded to HIV and HBV S100 prescribers (GP/Primary care), Sexual Health physicians, hospital-based specialists managing HIV, nurses and community pharmacists.

Our Innovative Solutions

Conference Management

We manage, organise, and oversee all aspects of your conference to the highest-quality standards.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

We understand the intricacies of digital content delivery and can manage all of your virtual and hybrid event needs. 

Sponsorship & Exhibition

We identify and build valuable partnerships with sponsors and exhibitors for a fulfilling experience for all. 


Our efficient registration system means a seamless sign-up and secure purchasing experience for attendees. 

Abstract and Program Management

Our comprehensive approach to abstract management is built on the expertise of our experienced staff and the cutting-edge technology. 

Marketing and Promotions

We work with you to create a tailored marketing plan, leveraging online, social media and sector communications to meet your conference objectives. 

Contact our Conferences and Events Team

Contact us to discuss your conference needs and see how we can bring your event to life with our expert conference planning and marketing services.

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