Regional Projects

ASHM contributes to the regional HIV, SRHR and BBV responses and strengthens equitable person centered health care through the facilitation of cross country knowledge exchange and development of tools and resources for clinicians and policy makers.


Global Project

Sexual Health, Blood Borne Virus and Covid 19 Regional Advisory Group

The Regional Advisory Group was established to support health workers working in sexual health and blood borne viruses during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Global Project

Pacific Viral Hepatitis Project

ASHM, engaged by the World Health Organisation, carried out scoping of HBV and HCV services in Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati and provided recommendations for strengthening of services.
Global Project

Pacific Sexual Health Workforce Capacity Building Project

The Regional Capacity Building Initiative for HIV is a joint initiative between ASHM International and Oceania Society for Sexual Health and HIV Medicine
Global Project

Pacific Multi-Country Mapping and Behavioural Study: HIV and STI Risk Vulnerability among Key Populations

Through surveys and in-depth interviews ASHM, in partnership with UNSW, assessed and examined the behavioural risk factors and social and structural determinants of HIV risk that drive the epidemic in the Pacific among vulnerable groups, including men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender people, female sex workers and seafarers.
Global Project

Landscape Review on STIs in the Western Pacific Region

ASHM conducted a comprehensive landscape review of sexually transmitted infections in the Western Pacific Region for the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of the magnitude and nature of STIs across the region.
Global Project

The Covid 19, Sexual Health and BBV Regional Advisory Group

The Covid-19, Sexual Health and BBV Regional Advisory Group was established as a platform for countries to provide regional guidance and advice for healthcare professionals working in the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health response during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Conferences and Events

Discover our events calendar, featuring impactful health conferences and educational gatherings. Join health professionals, researchers, and community organisations in HIV, BBV, sexual health and other health fields. Explore our calendar to find engaging opportunities tailored to your interests and professional development.

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