HIV Point of Care Testing Training: Pre-course Online Learning


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Course Overview

HIV Point of Care tests (PoCT) refer to rapid screening tests done outside of the traditional laboratory setting. They are also referred to as ‘rapid tests’. PoCT is available at sites across Australia.

ASHM maintains a national curriculum on PoCT which can be used by health professionals and community agency staff to educate test operators on practical issues around:

  • Test operation
  • Particulars on how to deliver a result
  • Details about the necessary elements of operating a PoCT site effectively

This curriculum was funded through a grant from NSW Health, and run by ASHM with collaboration with St Vincent’s AMR.

Acknowledgements: see Acknowledgement page in this OLM.

These online learning modules are Part 1 of the HIV Point-of-Care Training. ​Part 2 is the face to face half-day workshop.

Target Audience: Clinicians and Peer Support Officers.

Evaluation: To be completed after face to face workshop.

Contact: Please email Alex Dowell-Day at for any enquires.

Last Updated: Oct 2018.

Your progress is saved as you work through the modules, so you can exit the modules at any time and come back to where you last left off.

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