Clinical Extensions of HIV


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, Community Based Practitioners, Doctors, HIV s100 Prescribers, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses

Course Overview

This 75-minute eLearning provides an overview of the key components of HIV testing and provides a framework for monitoring people who are diagnosed or living with HIV. This eLearning builds on existing knowledge from the Clinical Foundations of HIV elearning. 

This course supports a shared care approach and is suitable for:

  • Practitioners wanting to conduct HIV testing as part of their general or sexual health practice.
  • Practitioners who want to be involved in the shared care of people with HIV and work in collaboration with a section 100 (s100) HIV prescriber.
  • Practitioners wanting to become HIV prescribers who can prescribe antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.

Course learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of HIV virology.
  • Recognise appropriate pre-HIV test discussions.
  • Recall the various HIV diagnostic tests.
  • Describe how to inform a patient of their HIV diagnosis.
  • Recall pre-HIV treatment assessments and investigations.
  • Describe how to continue monitoring a person with HIV throughout their life

CPD: HIV s100 prescribers will receive 1 HIV CPD points for completing this eLearning.

Contact: Please email if you require assistance or have a clinical question you would like to raise with a medical educator.

Important: Please use the latest version of Google Chrome browser and enable popups/active content while completing this course.

Last updated: September 2023

Funders: This activity has been developed with funding provided by QLD Health.

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