Advanced Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy – EOI


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12:00 am
Online - Zoom
Doctors, Nurse Practitioners

Course Overview

This live facilitated two-part course provides clinicians the knowledge and confidence to prescribe gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) based on the needs of their patient population utilising an informed consent model. Additionally, supporting clinicians to create a gender affirming practice and establishing a business model for ongoing financial sustainability.


  1. Module 1: Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Care E-Learning
  2. Module 2: Advanced Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy
  3. Attendance at two two-hour live facilitated online training sessions
  4. Competency assessment

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the diverse needs of the Trans and Gender Diverse community
  2. Recommend gender affirming care to meet client needs and achieve desired outcomes.
  3. Assess and manage gender affirming care in the context of reproductive health.
  4. Implement gender affirming care utilising an informed consent model.
  5. Implement practical strategies to embed gender affirming care into practice.

Accreditation / Endorsement

This is a CPD Accredited Activity for 5.5 Educational Activity and 2 Reviewing Performance hours under the RACGP CPD Program for the 2023-2025 triennium. It is also accredited for 4 PDP hours under the ACRRM 2023-2025 triennium.

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