2022 HIV Prescriber Updates


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Doctors, HIV s100 Prescribers, Nurse Practitioners

Course Overview

These videos are recordings of the HIV s100 Prescriber Updates in 2022. HIV s100 Prescribers can earn 4 HIV CPD points by watching all 4 videos.

Target audience: HIV s100 Prescribers and Primary Care Practitioners

CPD: HIV s100 prescribers can use these video modules to earn HIV CPD points (4 HIV CPD points). You will need to watch until the end for a video to be marked as completed. CPD points will be automatically awarded.

Please note: prescribers who attended these sessions live will not be awarded additional CPD points for watching the recording/s.

Contact: Please email HIVPrescriber@ashm.org.au if you require assistance or have a clinical question you would like to raise with a medical educator.

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