Global Fund – Papua New Guinea

The ASHM Global program is collaborating with the National Department of Health to attain the objectives set for their ongoing Global Fund round.

Global Fund – Papua New Guinea

Dates: 2023

ASHM Global program is working with the National Department of Health to achieve the outcomes for their current Global fund round. The co-design process ensured the focus areas and activities respond to national requests and requirements and align with relevant national strategies. ASHM  has applied lessons learned through our work over the last 20 years in PNG with CCHS to design of these three health workforce development activities:

Mentors Mothers can play an important role in prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT) of HIV. Their pivotal work, as women and mothers living with HIV, creates pathways through care for pregnant women and ensures provision of information on antenatal testing and HIV prevention. ASHM is working with NDoH, PHA’s and Igat Hope to design a training program and tools for this new role.

Clinical mentors are experienced health workers able to provide workplace education including in-service, consultations on complex case management, strengthen reporting and clinical support for colleagues. ASHM and NDoH are working together to upskill key Provincial Health Coordinator roles in HIV, PPTCT and Family Health. Building a network of HIV Clinical Mentors enables greater reach of professional development within health services and regions, driving quality improvement and enhanced practice across the HIV and Sexual Health continuum of care and reporting. 

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or ‘PrEP’ is the use of an antiretroviral medication, taken daily or on-demand, to reduce risk of HIV acquisition by HIV-negative people. It is highly effective prevention strategy for people who are at-risk of acquiring HIV including men who have sex with men (MSM), heterosexual men and women, transgender people, and people who inject drugs. PNG is currently trialling PrEP amongst MSM in a pilot study conducted by FHI360 and Kapul Champions with NDoH guidance.   ASHM is working with NDoH to expand the lessons learnt from this pilot study to provincial settings.

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