Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on leave from the HIV or HBV prescriber program – how can I rejoin?

January 30, 2024

ASHM/VHHITAL will contact ‘on leave’ prescribers at the start of Prescriber Renewals (approximately November) to ask if they want to reinstate their prescribing rights.

To reinstate their rights, ‘on leave’ prescribers must earn the required seven HIV CPD points for HIV or three HBV CPD points for HBV.

If a prescriber does NOT want to reinstate their rights or fails to meet the required CPD points, they will be ‘removed’ from the prescriber program. Removed prescribers can NOT prescribe the associated s100 medications and will have to re-complete the s100 prescriber course and associated assessments if they want to become a prescriber again.

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