Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list myself on the HIV/PrEP Prescriber map or the HBV Prescriber Map?

January 30, 2024

To add a new listing to an ASHM prescriber map: 

  1. Log into the MyASHM Prescriber Portal  
  1. Select the square ‘Practice Information’.  
  1. You will see the practice locations you are associated with. 
  1.  Select ‘Create Practice Location’  
  1. Add details to the form 
  1. Select ‘Save’.    

If you want the same listing to appear as an HBV listing on the HBV map, an HIV listing and a PrEP listing on the HIV/PrEP, you must create the listing separately for each medication.  

Note: only current HIV and HBV s100 prescribers will be shown on the associated maps. 

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