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September 27, 2022

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We’re pleased to announce the winners from the Research Showcase Awards. is a free, global peer-led online forum for scientific, clinical, and affected communities to come together and discuss Hepatitis B, endorsed by Hepatitis Australia, the World Hepatitis Alliance, the International Coalition to Eliminate HBV, and more. The forum encourages greater conversation between these communities so that we can all learn from each other.  

View the HepBCommunity Forum here 

In the July eNews, ASHM outlined that it was proud to have supported as they invite hepatitis B experts around the world to showcase their research as a forum thread, and encouraged you all to vote for the awardees. We are happy to outline the award winners below.

Curiosity awards for user questions

  • The Curiosity award #1 – @Moe
  • The Curiosity award #2 – @EH1999
  • The Tim and Joan Block Curiosity award – @Catcher.007
  • The Su Wang Curiosity award – @Bansah1

Scientific engagement awards

  • Hepatitis B Foundation community engagement award – Dr. Andrew Vaillant (Replicor Inc, Canada) discussing NAP therapies for HBV
  • ASHM community engagement award – Ms. Jennifer MacLauchlan (Doherty Institute, Australia) discussing geographical mapping of HBV across Australia
  • ACHV community engagement award – Mr. Henrik Zhang (University of Sydney, Australia) discussing targeting cccDNA-containing cells as a new therapy for HBV
  • Storr Liver Centre community engagement award – Ms. Priyanka Srinivasan (ANU Medical School, Australia) discussing the development of a HBV DNA point-of-care assay

The Awards ceremony can be viewed here:

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