ASHM’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2026

December 14, 2023

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As we navigate a continuously changing environment affected by factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, technology shifts, and evolving workforce needs, it is imperative that at ASHM we adapt our approach to best meet the needs of our sector.  

Our latest Strategic Plan lays out how we will be doing just that. Covering the 2023-2026 period, the Strategic Plan details how we will retain an essential role in the HIV, blood-borne virus, and sexual and reproductive health sector.  

The strategy will guide the direction of our organisation, led by four key strategic pillars.

Our Strategic Pillars


  • Expand our reach and engagement with our educational resources and activities, across professions and health contexts. 
  • Be at the forefront of teaching and learning innovation by strengthening our ability to assess needs, monitor and evaluate outcomes, and report on our impact. 


  • Strengthen the health systems in which we work, through respectful and collaborative partnerships that advance and support universal access and health security. 
  • Provide meaningful ways for members and prospective members to engage, contribute and grow as leaders in the sector. 
  • Identify and advance a policy and advocacy agenda where we can contribute the most value and build on our reputation as a trusted thought leader. 


  • Reduce the negative impact of stigma and discrimination in the health workforce and enhance access to person-centred care. 


Develop a respectful, inclusive, safe, and responsive organisational culture with a trusted and strong governance structure 

"With the support of our Board, members, sector partners, and staff, we are determined to implement our strategy and realise the promise of our Strategic Plan. Let's continue working together to achieve our mission and make a difference in the lives of those we serve."

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