Decision Making In PrEP


First Published:
June 2018
Last Updated:
October 2021
Resource Type:
Clinical Tool


Enhance your PrEP prescribing decisions and contribute to the critical goal of HIV prevention with the Decision Making in PrEP resource. This invaluable 2-page tool is specifically designed for primary care providers, highlighting the crucial role of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in reducing the transmission of HIV.
By engaging with this resource, healthcare professionals can deepen their understanding of PrEP and its significance in preventing new HIV infections. The resource offers a clear prescribing pathway, eligibility criteria, and comprehensive assessment guidelines, ensuring that PrEP is prescribed to individuals who are at substantial risk of acquiring HIV.

PrEP has emerged as a game-changing approach in HIV prevention, providing a powerful tool to protect individuals at high risk of infection. It involves the daily use of antiretroviral medications by individuals who are HIV-negative but at increased risk of exposure to the virus. By adhering to PrEP, these individuals can significantly reduce their risk of contracting HIV.

Enhance your PrEP prescribing decisions with the Decision Making in PrEP resource, a concise 2-page tool for primary care providers.

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