Decision Making In Contraception: Consultation Essentials


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The Decision Making in Contraception: Consultation Essentials resource is a valuable tool designed to support clinicians in their contraceptive consultations by providing essential guidance and key discussion points. This quick reference resource equips healthcare professionals with the necessary information to navigate contraceptive consultations effectively. It serves as a comprehensive guide, covering a wide range of topics including “Quick Start” initiation, emergency contraception, and specialized consultations for young people.

One of the key features of this resource is the quick reference table that summarises the advantages and disadvantages of different contraceptive options. This table serves as a valuable tool to facilitate meaningful discussions with patients, enabling clinicians to explore the pros and cons of each method and guide individuals towards informed decision-making.

By utilising the Decision Making in Contraception resource, clinicians can enhance their ability to provide comprehensive, patient-centred contraceptive care. They gain access to a wealth of information, including reminders of key discussion points, considerations for specific patient populations, and strategies to address common challenges encountered during contraceptive consultations.

Make informed decisions in contraceptive consultations and provide comprehensive care to individuals seeking contraception. Click to explore this Decision Making in Contraception resource.

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