ASHM International are technical experts in clinical workforce development for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health. Our specialist team engage with governments, universities, organisations, professional societies and health workers to strengthen health systems, and to build the capacity of health personnel to provide high quality clinical management of sexually transmissible infections. ASHM International has grounded experience in clinical workforce development globally, maintaining focus on the Asia and Pacific regions.


Strategic Plan and Goals


Following an immense growth period in 2017, ASHM International will focus in 2018-2020 on consolidation, by developing stronger programs, staffing and systems, then market towards further expansion using high quality products and an established consultancy pool of clinical and public health experts. See our detail strategic plan HERE.  


Education and Training



ASHM International delivers high quality evidence-based and context-driven trainings to strengthen the clinical workforce across the Asia and Pacific regions. Our suite of trainings includes:

  • HIV Prescriber Training
  • HIV Clinical Management Training
  • HIV and Aging
  • STI Clinical Management Training (including diagnostic and syndromic management)
  • PrEP Training
  • Introduction to Hepatitis B Training
  • Healthy Liver Training (specifically related to Hepatitis B and C)
  • Hepatitis B Prescriber Training
  • Transgender Health Training
  • Clinical (Master) Mentor Training.

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ASHM International has over 15 years of clinical mentoring experience, globally. Our team of specialist clinical mentors are sexual health and blood borne virus experts within Australia and the region, and present from professional backgrounds in medicine, nursing, public health, research and community development.  ASHM International works closely with organisations to ensure a tailored training and mentoring package that aligns with national policy, is relevant to context, and meets the need of local health workers.

ASHM also works with professional societies to establish and build the capacity of local mentoring pools within Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. Our approach is to provide long term education and technical support so as to respond to mentee needs overtime, building sustainability for clinical workforce development by strengthening local expertise and institutionalising internal mentoring mechanisms.

Modalities for mentoring include face-to-face visits, observation and coaching through clinical practice, and remote support (telehealth, emails and teleconferencing).

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Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Research

ASHM International has strong expertise and grounded experience in monitoring, evaluation, learning and research across Asia and the Pacific. Our specialist M&E Team focus on creating functional data pathways that are streamlined into project operations, to ensure that data is used to inform program advancement that drives outcomes and impact. 

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Conferences, Events and Membership

ASHM International convenes an international session at the Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference each year. The session focus for 2018 is PrEP Access in Asia and the Pacific. We also contribute to other conferences globally to ensure that knowledge and lessons learnt from the Asia and Pacific regions are shared.

ASHM provides a small number of scholarships for people from low to middle income countries to attend the annual conference. See more at ASHM Scholarships and Awards.

ASHM also facilitates knowledge sharing and networking across the Asia and Pacific regions through the Regional Network.

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Technical Assistance

ASHM International maintains a specialist pool of consultants who provide technical assistance, training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation, policy and guideline development and organisational development for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health projects.

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ASHM International has a strong team of program managers, coordinators and project officers able to provide high-level secretariat support.

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ASHM International provides assistance to countries to develop policies, guidelines and other resources related to HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health aligned with national and global guidelines.

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