Information for Prospective Directors


If you are interested in becoming a Director of ASHM, set out below is the key information you should review in advance. 


  1. ASHM’s Constitution. Clauses 36-39 deal with the rules regarding the election of Directors.
  1. ACNC Guidance on the governance of Charities
  1. ASHM’s most recent Annual Report (including the Financial report)
  1. Minutes of ASHM's most recent Annual General Meeting 
  1. ASHM’s current Strategic Plan 
  1. Overview of ASHM’s Core Services
  1. Brief History of ASHM as a Membership organisation 
  1. ASHM’s current organisation chart is available on request
  1. Biographies of current ASHM Directors 
  1. You will receive this letter of appointment upon election as a Director of ASHM. This letter summarises your duties and responsibilities as a Director. 
  1. Forms you will be asked to complete: 
  • Skills matrix – ASHM seeks to ensure it has an appropriate mix of skills on its Board. 
  • Conflict of interest. ASHM needs to maintain a register of conflicts of interest (actual or perceived)  
  • Director suitability. This form is required by the ACNC and will need to be completed each year. In addition, ASHM may perform some basic searches of relevant registers to support your application 
  • Consent to act as a Director. This form is required by the ACNC. 
  1. All ASHM Directors from November 2021 are requested a Director Identification Number. This ID is required by the ACNC.
  2. All of ASHM’s Directors are volunteer, non-executive Directors. That is, they do not form part of ASHM’s executive management team.
  3. Some of ASHM's Key Policies can be found here
  4. For the year to 30 November 2022 ASHM has the following insurance policies in place:
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Associations Liability
  • Travel
  • Office and equipment loss or damage
  • Workers Compensation


If you would like more information about ASHM, the role of its Directors or the nomination and election process then please contact