Empowering Your Clients via a Pleasure-Centred Approach to Sexual Health


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08 May
7:00 pm
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, Community Based Practitioners, Doctors, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists

Course Overview

This webinar, aimed at health professionals and educators, will outline the value of pleasure-focused, positive approaches to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Relationships and Sexuality Education. It will emphasise the need to move beyond traditional harm reduction/risk minimisation paradigms and towards affirming and holistic care that promotes sexual well-being, empowerment, and safer sex practices. Promoting STI prevention and contraception options are a key component of the pleasure focused approach, as individuals can engage in sexual activities with greater confidence and reduced risk of contracting STIs.


Attendees will hear from speakers with experience in clinical and education settings and gain practical tips and tools to incorporate pleasure-positive approaches into their own work.


This webinar was developed in partnership with True Relationships & Reproductive Health.


Date and Time: Wednesday, 8th May: 7:00pm – 8:30pm (AEST).


Target Audience:

This webinar is relevant to anyone having discussions with clients or patients about sexual health, particularly primary healthcare providers.



  • Anne Philpott – Founder & Co-Director, The Pleasure Project.
  • Dr. Karen Freilich – GP, Arlie Women’s Clinic & Sex Therapist, Monash Sexual Medicine and Therapy Clinic.


  • Cherie Bennett – Medical Educator, ASHM & Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sydney Sexual Health Centre.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss and describe the pleasure principles in relation to clinical context.
  2. Examine the evidence base that supports and strengthens the use of the pleasure approach.
  3. Critically reflect on your clinical practice and explore the impact of your attitudes and values.


Endorsement and CPD:

Accreditation of this activity is pending.



This activity is funded by Queensland Health.


For more information:

Please contact ASHM Education at education@ashm.org.au or call 0431 320 429.


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