Decision Making In Syphilis


First Published:
August 2020
Last Updated:
Resource Type:
Clinical Tool


Syphilis remains a significant public health concern, and it is crucial for primary care professionals to stay informed and equipped with the necessary tools to effectively manage this infectious disease. The Syphilis decision-making tool is an invaluable resource designed for healthcare practitioners, providing clear steps to assess and provide clinical care for syphilis cases.

This comprehensive tool offers guidance on various aspects of syphilis management, including screening, testing, and treatment protocols. By utilising this quick reference resource, primary care professionals can streamline their decision-making process, ensuring accurate and timely care for their patients.

In a time when accurate and up-to-date information is critical, the Syphilis decision-making tool serves as a reliable companion for primary care professionals. It equips them with the knowledge and guidance required to provide comprehensive care for individuals affected by syphilis.

Open the interactive tool or download the PDF and make a difference in syphilis management.

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