Sexual History Taking Resource Catalogue


First Published:
May 2022`
Last Updated:
May 2022
Resource Type:
Clinical Tool


The Sexual History Taking Resource Catalogue offers healthcare professionals a collection of resources about how to engage in taking non-judgmental and thorough sexual health histories.

By effectively collecting sexual history information, healthcare professionals can gain crucial insights into their patients’ sexual behaviours, risks, and potential exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other sexual health concerns. This comprehensive understanding allows for targeted testing, accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and tailored patient education.

Good sexual history taking practice enables healthcare professionals to identify potential STI risks, provide timely interventions, and implement preventive measures. It facilitates the identification of high-risk populations who may benefit from regular testing, counselling, and preventive strategies such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). It also supports the identification and management of potential contact tracing, ensuring the timely treatment and prevention of further transmission.

Please note that this resource catalogue serves as a model for communication, and for testing and treatment advice. You should refer to the Australian STI Management Guidelines for Use in Primary Care and guidelines for your region for more comprehensive information on how to take a sexual history.

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