Hepatitis B Referral and Clinical Support Resources


First Published:
June 2023
Last Updated:
June 2023
Resource Type:
Clinical Tool


This suite of resources has been developed to support primary care clinicians at the time of diagnosis or engagement through what needs to happen next, as well as options for ongoing management and care.

Hepatitis B can be managed and treated both by specialists in the tertiary setting and Hepatitis s100 community prescribers in the primary care setting. HBV s100 community prescribers have completed additional training and ongoing accreditation to be authorised to prescribe the Highly Specialised Drugs for hepatitis B and are specialized in monitoring and management.

No matter where you and your patient are on the journey, these resources will guide you through the clinical next steps, ascertaining the appropriateness of a primary care referral, discussing this with your patient and providing them with information as well as practical tools to assist with intercollegiate communication.

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