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Beyond the C is a national partnership program aimed at eliminating hepatitis C by 2030. It collaborates with General Practice to identify individuals living with hepatitis C and connect them with appropriate care. By joining the program, healthcare professionals can improve the quality of care for communities most affected by hepatitis C, align their practice with the national strategy, increase billing potential, and access funding. The program provides personalised support, tools, and resources to conduct clinical audits, implement quality improvement activities, and enhance team capacity. Through case-finding and clinical audit skills, practices can make a significant difference in people’s long-term health outcomes and contribute to the elimination of hepatitis C as a major health threat. The program is aligned with the RACGP CPD requirements and offers numerous benefits, including improved patient care and opportunities to address other clinical priorities. To participate, practices must meet certain eligibility criteria, including accreditation and data extraction capabilities. Visit the website for further information.

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