ASHM-OSSHHM Technical Brief 2: HIV Stigma & Discrimination


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This technical brief is one of four technical briefs co-published by ASHM and and The Oceania Society for Sexual Health and HIV Medicine (OSSHHM) in 2018.

1. Trans-inclusive sexual health services for Pacific countries

2. HIV stigma and discrimination: a guide for health care workers in the Pacific

3. An introduction to clinical mentoring

4. Barriers to the HIV continuum of care in Pacific countries

It was co-produced as part of the Pacific Sexual Health Workforce Capacity Building Program, a joint regional capacity building initiative between ASHM and OSSHHM to provide clinical mentoring, training and resources to health professionals working in HIV, TB and STIs in eleven Global Fund-supported Pacific countries. The project is supported by the Principal recipient of the Global Fund grant, managed by UNDP and jointly implemented by ASHM and OSSHHM, with ASHM acting as the sub-recipient of the grant.

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