Clinical Foundations of Hepatitis C

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This eLearning course introduces the basics of hepatitis C (HCV) in Australia, as a foundation for further education and training in HCV. It is appropriate for all learners regardless of prior knowledge or experience in HCV. 

List of topics: 

  1. Hepatitis C in the Australian and global context 
  2. Natural History of Hepatitis C
  3. Transmission and Prevention of Hepatitis C
  4. Overview of Testing and treatment for Hepatitis C
  5. Stigma and Discrimination: Hepatitis C 

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Outline the epidemiology of Hepatitis C and the risk factors for Hepatitis C transmission 
  • Describe the progression of Hepatitis C if untreated
  • Identify priority populations for Hepatitis C
  • Identify the strategies and options for Hepatitis C prevention 
  • Identify testing protocols and treatment options for Hepatitis C
  • Consider, reflect on, and clarify own values, assumptions and attitudes about Hepatitis C and the consequences of associated stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with Hepatitis C accessing health care.  

This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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Course Content

Hepatitis C in the Australian and global context
Natural History of Hepatitis C
Transmission and Prevention of Hepatitis C
Overview of Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment
Stigma and Discrimination in Hepatitis C
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