The 1st Asia and the Pacific Transgender Comprehensive Care Masterclass

Dates: October, 2022


There has been an increasing demand amongst health workers in Asia and the Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand) for professional development on transgender medicine and trans competent healthcare.   Whilst there have been positive shifts globally and, in some countries, to enable greater access to trans services including the removal of gender dysphoria in the International Classification of Diseases, barriers to healthcare still exist for transgender people in many countries of Asia and the Pacific. These barriers include poor confidence and competence of health care workers in transgender health, institutional stigma and discrimination, ambiguous or unsupportive policy, barriers to access and prescribing of hormone therapies, limited guidelines and restrictive legislation. Support is particularly limited for transmen including access to SRH services and referrals for procedures such as cervical cancer screening. 

The 1st Transgender Comprehensive Care Masterclass will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, in October 2022 facilitating an inaugural platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice in trans competent care amongst participants from across the region.

Acknowledgement of partners and donors: The World Health Organisation