Supporting the MPX response in Asia and the Pacific

October 28, 2022

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ASHM is supporting the MPX response in Asia and the Pacific through the delivery of MPX trainings and the Regional Response Group – SRHR, blood borne viruses and emerging issues.

To date, there have only been a small number of MPX cases reported in Asia including 19 in Singapore, ten in Thailand and one in Indonesia.Australia and New Zealand have seen larger numbers with 138 and 23 cases reported, respectively.  No cases have been reported in the Pacific Islands.  Despite these low numbers, countries in the Asia and Pacific region are focusing on preparations should the numbers increase, as we have seen in other countries such as Australia, North America and parts of Europe.

In preparation for detection of MPX cases, ASHM was invited by both the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and the Philippine AIDS Society to deliver training to government public health personnel, health promotion officers and health workers.

The trainings took place virtually and reached 17 health workers in Vanuatu and over 100 health workers in the Philippines.  A face to face follow up training, as part of an integrated sexual health and blood borne virus training, is to take place in Vanuatu in October. The trainings were facilitated by ASHM clinical advisors Dr. Nicolas Medland, Dr. Arun Menon and Cherie Bennett.

ASHM is also supporting the MPX response in the region through the Regional Response Group, which has established an MPX sub-group comprising of health workers, researchers, and community organisations across the region. The purpose of the group is to provide guidance and support to health workers on MPX prevention, testing, treatment and management across the region.

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