NSW Hepatitis C Remote Prescribing Program

The NSW Hepatitis C Remote Prescribing Program was established in November 2020 to facilitate linkages between nurses who perform the patient assessment and medical practitioners/nurse practitioners who initiate hepatitis C treatment. The program aims to increase access to hepatitis C treatment in NSW in regional areas and other settings where treatment may be limited.

Further information about the program is available in the overview HERE.

A list of Participating Nurse Referrers and Prescribers is available HERE.

Download the Remote Prescribing Pathway HERE. This flowchart summarises the roles of the participating nurses (referrers) and medical/nurse practitioners (prescribers).

Download the program’s specifically tailored Remote Consultation Request for Initiation of Hepatitis C Treatment Form HERE.

ASHM communicates regularly with participating nurses and medical/nurse practitioners and monitors the program uptake. This program is supported by NSW Ministry of Health. To find out more information or join the program, please email NSWLinkages@ashm.org.au.

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