Launch of REACH-B: Advice – a resource for HBV s100 prescribers

December 2, 2022

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ASHM recently launched REACH-B Advice a new resource for hepatitis B 100 prescribers providing an alternative way to access specialist support.

This online form enables the submission of cases and questions to specialists with a response received in 48hrs.


General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and community-based medical practitioners are able to become hepatitis B s100 community prescribers after completing training in the science, pharmacology, monitoring and treatment of hepatitis B and as a result can prescribe the Highly Specialised Drugs (HSD) for hepatitis B.

The REACH-B Advice form has been developed to support ASHM’s Hepatitis B s100 prescribers, in direct consultation with our prescribers via focus groups. This form is a platform through which s100 prescribers can submit cases and questions to seek specialist review and advice.

The REACH-B Advice form can be found here:

On submission of the form, specialists responding, Prof Gail Matthews and Prog Greg Dore will reply to the HBV s100 prescriber within 48hrs via phone or email. The form can be used as many times as required, for various cases and questions.

A recent webinar launch event provided ASHM Hepatitis B s100 prescribers with the opportunity to meet the specialists responding to submissions. A demonstration also highlighted how the form is used and several case studies were discussed to help participants understand how the form can be embedded into practice.

This work was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

REACH-B Advice was developed in collaboration with the Kirby Institute at the University of NSW as a complement to their REACH-B Project.

For further information, please contact Isabelle Purcell (she/her) Hepatitis B Senior Project Officer at

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