Introducing Vital Voices: A new website presenting personal experiences of hepatitis C

July 27, 2022

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LinkedIn is Australia’s first dedicated website presenting carefully researched personal stories of hepatitis C, treatment and life after cure. The website has two aims. First, it aims to support people living with hepatitis C in thinking about and/or having treatment. Second, it aims to inform the public about hepatitis C and what can be done about it. sheds light on the stories of people affected by hepatitis C, using original audio, re-enacted video and text clips to present people’s experiences in their own words.

What is hepatitis C? How does it feel to be diagnosed with it? What is it like to have treatment and be cured? In addressing these questions, Vital Voices aims to inform public discussions of hepatitis C, to counter stigmatising misconceptions, and to promote understanding of living with the virus and its treatment.

Drawing on in-depth qualitative interviews, the website presents detailed accounts of hepatitis C, treatment and cure. Also presented are key themes found in the interviews:

  • Living with hepatitis C;
  • Having hepatitis C treatment;
  • Coping with stigma and discrimination;
  • Being cured of hepatitis C;

These themes are presented using video re-enactments, original audio recordings and written extracts from the interviews. Planned and designed with the help of a national advisory panel, aims to showcase the lives of people affected by hepatitis C, emphasising their significance, complexity and vitality.

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