IAS 2023 program and featured speakers announced

May 9, 2023

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Explore a selection of more than 60 symposia and oral abstract sessions, showcasing thought-provoking keynote presentations and invited-speaker sessions led by industry experts.

IAS 2023 Program Highlights

There will be a wide range of sessions in the areas of research, clinical studies, epidemiology and prevention, social sciences, behavioural sciences, and implementation science.

Session highlights include:

HIV cure research and immunology

  • HIV cure research: Why are single cells harbouring HIV latent?
  • Advances in gene delivery and engineering of T and B cells: Implications for prevention, therapy and cure
  • Immune responses critical for viral control and approaches to harness them in vivo
  • Viral replication and reservoirs beyond the periphery: A deeper look at tissues

HIV prevention and treatment

  • Injectable therapies for treatment and prevention
  • Innovations and implementation of long-acting antiretroviral therapy
  • Prevention and management of co-infections in people living with HIV
  • Estimating HIV incidence in the era of long-acting PrEP
  • Long-acting antiretrovirals: Translating efficacy to effectiveness
  • Improving the trajectory of co-morbidities in people with HIV
  • Achieving HIV prevention and treatment at scale

Sexual health and STI prevention

  • The rise of sexualized drug use among key populations: The intersectional complex issue and promising community-led responses
  • Strengthening sexual health: PEP, PrEP and vaccines for STIs

Approaches to community engagement 

  • Our bodies, our science: Empowering and promoting community engagement and practices in science
  • Indigenous and First Nations populations
  • We know us: Community-led models of HIV care
  • The power of people: Community-based models to improve HIV outcomes

Social sciences and HIV

  • Social science and HIV in the fifth decade
  • Bridging new gaps: Responding to the challenges of emerging sexual cultures and social contexts
  • Decolonizing HIV science: Conceiving and advancing equitable, decolonial research practices
  • Younger and older: HIV across the life course

… and much more!

View the full program here. 

IAS 2023 featured speakers

 The IAS 2023 conference will showcase a line-up of experts who will present the latest cutting-edge research on HIV and its applications.

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