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HealthPathways and ASHM unite to improve access to sexual and reproductive health guidelines for clinicians 

April 16, 2024

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Amidst a national rise in STI cases, ASHM is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with HealthPathways to enhance the assessment and management of blood-borne viruses (BBVs) and sexual and reproductive health within primary care settings.  

The partnership will see ASHM guidelines for managing STIs, BBVs and sexual and reproductive health integrated into the existing HealthPathways platform. HealthPathways is an online manual used widely by clinicians to help make assessment, management and specialist request decisions.  

Initially, in NSW and the ACT, HealthPathways clinical editors will develop ‘lead pathways’ based on ASHM guidelines. These pathways will be reviewed and endorsed by an ASHM-recommended clinical lead, currently Dr Nathan Ryder, to confirm clinical accuracy and safety, and alignment with ASHM guidelines.  

Incorporating the lead pathways into HealthPathways will facilitate the delivery of consistent, up-to-date content to its users. By adopting this evidence-based approach, clinicians will be equipped with the latest insights for the effective management of BBVs, STIs, and sexual and reproductive health.  

As the partnership progresses, the collaboration will evolve to include all states and territories – to ensure greater consistency in how clinicians approach this area of healthcare.  

This evolution reflects our shared commitment to standardising healthcare practices and ensuring uniformity in assessing and managing BBVs, STIs, and sexual and reproductive health. 

To find out more about HealthPathways and how it can be integrated into your practice, visit

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