Changes to HIV treatment access for people without Medicare

June 15, 2023

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Australia’s states and territories have begun implementing the new government-funded scheme for people without Medicare to access HIV treatment.

Funding arrangements for people without Medicare to access HIV treatment in Australia are transitioning from an industry-sponsored compassionate access scheme to a Federation Funding Agreement model.

This is an important step in ensuring equitable access to treatment for all people with HIV in Australia. For healthcare workers caring for people with HIV, it is important to understand the changes and provide up to date advice and information to clients.

Some states and territories have now begun to implement the new scheme whereby people without Medicare are able to access their HIV treatment free of charge or at low cost through government-funded hospital pharmacies or other locations to be determined by State and Territory Departments of Health.

Please note that only the cost of medication is covered under this scheme. Additional costs associated with care or side effects from treatment will not be covered.

To find out if your state or territory has implemented the new scheme, please visit our page about the change.

We will continue to update our website with more information as each State and Territory commences the new scheme.

ASHM is also delivering webinars and other promotional activities to disseminate information to the health workforce.

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