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ASHM’s continued focus on the transition to online learning activities has resulted in a refinement of our Learning Management System and the development of a series of online learning activities for health professionals in a dedicated On Demand Program.

In the past few years, the importance of having a flexible and accessible learning environment, particularly for the health workforce, has become of paramount importance for education providers across Australia and the world. ASHM has responded to this need by redesigning its current suite of Online Learning resources to best fit our learners’ evolving needs.

In redesigning, the following Key Principles have been considered: 

  • Short and Sharp: Content is crafted as short, engaging and targeted blocks of interactive learning (between 5-10 minutes at a time) to be best digested by a workforce with many demands on their time.
  • Room to grow: By grouping several curated blocks together to create Learning Pathways, ASHM can guide learners to grow their knowledge in an appropriate and easily scalable way.
  • Reduce repetition: Rather than repeat the same content across several different courses, this modular format means that learning will only ever need to be completed once, even if it appears in other Pathways.
  • Appropriate complexity for the audience: By understanding our core audiences and their needs, we can deliver the level of complexity in content that they require to do their jobs. Not all roles require deep technical knowledge of each disease, so we are crafting separate modules to deliver appropriate levels of knowledge to different audiences. 
  • Focused on User Experience: New dynamic content will allow for engaging learning, following best practice in adult education; and a redesigned online portal will ensure easy navigability for users of the service.

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