ACNC's Governance Requirements

ASHM performs periodic reviews to ensure it meets the ACNC's core governance standards, being:

Standard 1: Not for Profit and Working towards charitable purpose

Standard 2: Accountability to Members

Standard 3: Compliance with Australian Laws

Standard 4: Suitability of Responsible Persons i.e. ASHM's Directors

Standard 5: Duties of Responsible Persons i.e ASHM's Directors

Standard 6: Maintaining and Enhancing Public Trust And Confidence In The Australian Not-For-Profit Sector

ASHM's Governance Manual, or Charter

In addition to meetings the governance obligations of the ACNC, ASHM has developed a Governance Manual based around principals of not for profit governance developed by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  These principles cover the following aspects of governance:

1. Purpose and Strategy

2. Roles and Responsibilities

3. Board Composition

4. Board Effectiveness

5. Risk Management

6. Performance

7. Transparency and Accountability

8. Stakeholder Engagement

9. Conduct and Compliance

10. Culture

Key Elements of ASHM's Governance Framework

The ASHM Constitution

  • The ASHM Constitution is the Society's governance document: ASHM Constitution 2022
  • If you have any questions about the ASHM Constitution, please contact Alexis Apostolellis (ASHM Chief Executive Officer)

Annual General Meetings

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the membership's opportunity to review the work of the Society and to vote on important matters.
  • The AGM is held annually in accordance with the Corporations Act 2011 and is when the membership receives the Annual Report, the Director's Financial Report and approves the election of the incoming Board of Directors.

Minutes of the most recent AGM are available below.

An Independent Board

ASHM has an independent Board of Non Executive Directors.. Rules for nomination and elections of its Directors, together with its powers are contained within ASHM's Constitution.

Stakeholder Reporting

ASHM prepares an Annual Report including an audited financial report, which is publicly available.