Final Survey


In order to have your RACGP CPD hours recorded please complete the reflection and evaluation below. The information you need to complete this reflection is available in the SUMMARY tab of your Auditing Tool spreadsheet. ASHM will then submit your CPD hours to RACGP on your behalf. Your feedback is welcomed and will help us to improve this activity.

About You

1. Name(Required)
4. Which of the following best describes your main role?

5. How would you best describe your main service setting?  

6. For which of the following reason(s) did you participate in this activity? Please select all that apply.
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Syphilis Decision-Making Tool
Short-form videos
Auditing Tool
Overall activity design

RACGP CPD submission

Please complete this section to enable ASHM to submit for CPD hours on your behalf. We record RACGP number for verification. All other data is de-identified and reported in aggregate for your privacy.  

Not metPartially meMostly metEntirely met
Increase confidence in managing a diagnosis of syphilis 
Demonstrate how to accurately record sexual history relating to a Syphilis diagnosis  
Examine processes for identification, recall and management of patients with Syphilis.
Not metPartially meMostly metEntirely met
Content: Current, contemporary, evidence-based, and relevant to general practice 
Delivery: Engaging/interactive, e.g., with opportunity for questions and feedback 

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