Update on New Therapeutic Options When Treatment Fails in General Practice

(A report back on Dr Marianne Martinello's session - Update on new therapeutic options, and when treatment fails in general practice - Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum )

As a DAA prescriber for last 12 months, I was fairly confident in assessment and initiation of DAA therapy for patients with Chronic Hep C but I had no idea about the available options if a patient fails to attend SVR after 12 weeks of initial treatment.  Dr Marianne Martinello’s presentation not only explained therapeutic options for these patients but also clarified what is considered a treatment failure.

It was an eye-opening presentation and was a great opportunity to learn about what is “Relapse” and what is “re-infection”.  It was good to know what’s available for people who's treatment has failed but was equally fascinating to learn that there are still more antiviral combinations evolving to address this issue of treatment failure. 

Overall, fantastic evidence-based presentation to address common practical issues. 


Author bio: 

Roshan Bhushal is a specialist General practitioner at ATSICHS (Aboriginal and TSI community health Services) in Brisbane. He leads a team of GPs, visiting specialists and Allied health professionals. He is a DAA prescriber and is actively working towards eradicating Hepatitis C in ATSI population in the greater Brisbane region.  He also travels overseas annually to provide volunteer work in remote areas of Nepal.