I Love Not Being Infectious

(A report back on Dr Jacqui Richmond's presentation at Viral Hepatitis Nurse-led Models of Care Forum)

Great contrasting placement of Jacqui’s presentation after Leith Morris discussed the reasons why people don’t seek treatment. Jacqui’s research into how it feels to be cured revealed 3 main themes: the psychological impact (a profound sense of well-being more than physical health); feeling normal; and the relief of not being able to transmit the virus.  
You can read more about the results here https://rdcu.be/32oG. If you are looking at how to design messaging for a hep C treatment campaign all of the presentations in this stream “responding to challenges in hepatitis C care and treatment” are well worth looking at. 

Author bio: 

Morgan Dempsey is a Senior Aboriginal Health Worker Coordinator at Cairns Sexual Health Service, Queensland Health. Morgan has many years of experience coordinating and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, including involvement in community projects, and is the ‘go to’ person in his community and for his colleagues.