Hepatitis C Treatment in Corrective Services

(A report back from Professor Michael Levy - Now you C me, now you don’t: Transition between community and custody during DAA treatment and care - Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum)

It was a great honour to attend the Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum in Adelaide with a scholarship from the ASHM.  

Professor Michael Levy presented on how Hepatitis C Rx is delivered at the ACT Corrective Service – Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC). The AMC tries to ensure continuity of care by liaising with the inmate's GP about Hepatitis C Rx.

Unfortunately, there is no needle exchange program in any jail in Australia which would have a big impact in preventing blood borne virus reinfection. Professor Levy mentioned that the ACT Legislative Assembly is in the process of passing a bill for setting up a needle and syringe program at the AMC soon.  

It was good to learn about new drugs especially salvage Rx. It was also beneficial to hear about other GP/Medical Centre's experience in treating Hepatitis C infection around Australia. There was also an interesting panel discussion about how more GPs can be involved & empowered to eliminate Hepatitis C infection in Australia by 2030 in accordance with the World Health Organisation’s goal. 




Author bio: 

Muhammad Saidul Islam graduated from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh & did MMed course at UNSW. Dr. Islam became a Hep C Rx prescriber in 2014, started prescribing at Winnunga AMS since 2015 and is currently treating patients at a Queanbeyan, NSW GP practice.