A Report Back on "HealthELink, Online Model of HCV Treatment Within South Australian Prisons"

(A report back on Dr Edmund Tse's presentation - HealthELink, Online Model of HCV Treatment Within South Australian Prisons - Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference Day 2)

Absolutely brilliant Dr Tse, what an amazing vehicle you have developed especially designed for the less frequent and less confident prescribers of hepatitis C medicines!   This online platform was designed specifically for use by SA prison doctors and can be embedded into GP medical records software.


The prescriber enters all the relevant clinical information, the platform calculates the APRI and assesses any drug interactions via the University of Liverpool HEP drug interactions website, then generates a list of recommended treatment options.   It also gives the option of adding a quick message to a nominated hepatologist for advice.  All that gets sent to the hepatologist for confirmation of the treatment plan, who sends back their recommendations. 


We’ve seen a few examples of remote consultation methods at this conference, and many of us will have our local versions or use the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) form, but this one gets my prize for user (GP) friendliness.   Chronic hepatitis C is a low prevalence condition in many general practices and GPs will value tools to walk them through the details of the treatment decisions.   Let’s hope this one becomes more widely available. 


Find out more or register for the Health-e-Link study at healthelinkstudy.com.au


Author bio: 

Dr Wendy Lawrance is an addiction medicine specialist and general practitioner working in a not-for-profit, the Fresh Start Recovery Programme, as well as in the public sector in Western Aaustralia.  She has been treating hepatitis C since 2012, and is just starting out treating chronic hepatitis B.