• A Report Back on "HealthELink, Online Model of HCV Treatment Within South Australian Prisons"

    (A report back on Dr Edmund Tse's presentation - HealthELink, Online Model of HCV Treatment Within South Australian Prisons - Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference Day 2)

    Absolutely brilliant Dr Tse, what an amazing vehicle you have developed especially designed for the less frequent and less confident prescribers of hepatitis C medicines!   This online platform was designed specifically for use by SA prison doctors and can be embedded into GP medical records software.


  • 1605: Who and What Is Missing from the Hepatitis C Treatment Cascade of Care?

    (A report back from presentation by Dr Sione Crawford, CEO, Harm Reduction Victoria, Australia)

    “Cascade of Care” has been an often repeated phrase in the last few days.   It is a useful concept which describes the steps across the continuity of care in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (CHC), and estimates the number of people with chronic hepatitis C engaging in each successive step.  Typically, the steps in a CHC cascade are: people with CHC, people diagnosed with CHC, people undergoing treatment, people who have achieved a cure.   We have been extremely encouraged to see a dramatic increase in the numbers of people in treatment since the advent of directly acting antivirals in Australia in March 2016.