• Impact of Public PrEP Programs

    A report on the proffered papers session on day 3 of the Conference.

    In this session I was particularly interested in the studies from NSW and Victoria looking at the impact of PrEP on STI trends in high risk gay and bisexual men following the introduction of PrEP after the rapid scaling up of access to PrEP.

    PrEP of course targets those already at high STI risk, including recent STI in eligibility criteria. STI incidence was increasing in the years prior to ramping up of PrEP. Condomless sex in Australian gay and bisexual men had also increased from 27% in 2000 to 39% in 2015 prior to easier access of PrEP.

  • Selected Themes from the HIV-related Clinical Screening Session

    A report on the Screening symposium session on day 2 of the Conference.

    This session tackled common HIV associated medical conditions that we should all be thinking about regularly, the management of which I am sure we could all improve in our daily practices.