• The Rising Challenge of Liver Cancer

    Liver cancer is one of the only cancers in Australia where rates are rising. Most liver cancers have a preventable cause, and increasing screening and treatment for hepatitis B and C will help us to curb the rates of liver cancer.

  • Are we on the fast tract to “Bend and End” the HIV epidemics?

    Increasing the uptake of testing, especially among those at high risk or who rarely test, is one of the underpinning strategies to reach the 90, 90, 90 goals. Self-testing has enormous potential in Australia to reach these groups, however must be implemented with care. 

  • Addressing Mental health: a crucial component to Ending the HIV Epidemic

    Mental health is a critical issue to properly address to achieve the 90-90-90 targets, both in people living with HIV and those at risk of HIV infection. In Australia, GPs can do much of this work as a part of their primary care practice.

  • Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis, Vaccine Prevention and Urine-based Screening

    TB reactivation is common in people with HIV with decreasing CD4 count, or other types of immunosupression. Vaccination has the promise of preventing infection, disease and reactivation. Urine-based screening has good diagnostic yield for HIV-positive patients.


  • Advances in Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment and Prevention

    TB is responsible for over a quarter of AIDS-related deaths worldwide. New testing and treatments, including preventative therapies are available for people living with HIV.