Support the ASHM Regional Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19 

ASHM CEOAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate, we’re likely to face critical challenges to health systems throughout Asia Pacific and the region supporting people living with blood-borne viruses, across treatment, care, support and prevention. 

“Even at the best of times, people affected by HIV and viral hepatitis face multiple barriers to accessing basic healthcare. We are expecting healthcare systems across the region to come under significant strain during this epidemic.” 
ASHM CEO – Alexis Apostolellis 


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We need your help today to support the Regional Task Force to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on BBV’s and sexual health.

Please DONATE NOW to the ASHM Regional Task Force and help us provide: 

• Expert guidance on the prevention of COVID-19 in healthcare settings.
• Rapid analysis of the results of COVID-19 clinical treatment trials for our regional partners and stakeholders
• Critical guidance to the healthcare workforce and people living with BBVs on how to manage their health during the COVID-19 pandemic
• On-going analysis of emerging data on COVID-19 clinical risk factors and how they pertain to people living with HIV and other BBVs

For more information on both the National and Regional Task Forces on BBVs and COVID-19, or to sign up for regular updates, visit ASHM’s COVID-19 information page.