ASHM COVID-19 taskforce on HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and Sexual health


UPDATED ON: 28 April 2020.

ASHM’s Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19 was established on 20 March 2020. It provides a timely opportunity for the BBV and sexual health sectors to discuss the scientific, clinical, BBV and sexual health service delivery and social implications of COVID-19, and provides consistent and evidence-based messaging to the health workforce, sector partners and community.

Below you can find the various outputs of the taskforce, information about its structure and membership and links to ASHM and external resources in the context of COVID-19. If you want to provide feedback or have any questions regarding the Taskforce please email


Latest guidance from the Taskforce & Regional Advisory Group

18 February 2021

Statement from the ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce regarding the Prioritisation of COVID-19 Vaccines for People Living with HIV


Upcoming Webinars




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#1 Harm reduction approaches to casual sex during the COVID-19 pandemic

#2 Registered COVID-19 COVID-19 studies in Australia and New Zealand

#3 ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce interim recommendations regarding COVID-19 and adults living with HIV

The following is a list of current Taskforce members. This list is continually updated as participation grows.

This document shows the four topic areas of the Taskforce work and the Cluster Groups within each topic. The Taskforce have been allocated to both the topics and the Cluster Groups that reflect their expertise. The document is updated regularly as participation increases.

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