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November 8, 2023

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ASHM recently made significant upgrades to our website and the MyASHM portal to create a more intuitive online learning experience for users. 

As part of these upgrades, MyASHM users will need to register their account again using the same email address. If you registered your MyASHM account before 7 September 2023, you must re-register using the steps below. MyASHM accounts created after 7 September 2023 are unaffected and do not need to re-register. 

Steps to keep using your MyASHM account 

If you created your MyASHM account before 7 September 2023, follow the below steps.

1. Go to the ASHM website and click the ‘sign up’ button in the top right corner. 

Screenshot of the ASHM webpage navigation bar. To the left is the ASHM logo. The right are 3 navy buttons labelled 'Resources', 'Training', and 'Prescriber Program' respectively. To the right of this is a purple button labelled 'Sign Up'. There are two red arrows pointing to the sign up button. Next to the sign up button is a light blue button labelled 'Log in'.

2. Enter your existing MyASHM login email address, then click the ‘Send verification code’ button. A confirmation code will be sent to the entered email address.  
TIP: Use the same email address you previously used for your MyASHM account to ensure your data is transferred.

Screenshot of the MyASHM Sign Up page. At the top is the ASHM logo. Page heading reads 'User Details'. The top field of the signup form is 'Email Address', with a required asterisk. Underneath the Email Address field is a button labelled 'Send verification code'. Under the send verification code button are four greyed out fields, each with an asterisk. The top field is labelled 'New Password'. The second from the top field is labelled 'Confirm New Password'. The third from the top field is labelled 'First Name'. The bottom field is labelled 'Last Name'. Beneath the four fields is a disabled blue button labelled 'Create'.

3. Do not close the MyASHM webpage. Go to your email inbox, find the email from ASHM, and copy the verification code. 

4. Go back to the open MyASHM account registration webpage and paste the verification code in the relevant box, then click the ‘verify code’ button. 

5. Set and confirm your password, first name, and last name. Click the ‘Create’ button. 

6. You will now be directed to your MyASHM profile page. On your MyASHM profile page, complete or check the remaining mandatory questions. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*). 

7. To finish creating your MyASHM account, click the ‘save’ button. 

These login details can also be used to register for events and ASHM On Demand learning content at 

Make sure your MyASHM account is up-to-date

It is possible that some of your information may have been lost in our system upgrade.  It is important to check your accreditation, membership, event attendance, and practice location details. This can be done my going to after you have re-registered your account. 

Contact Us

If there is incorrect information that you cannot update through the MyASHM website, such as your prescriber or membership status, or you have any questions about your MyASHM account, please contact us.  

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