Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life status is the highest membership recognition given by ASHM and carries with it all the rights and privileges of a member, with exemption from payment of the annual membership subscription. 

Each year we formally recognise one or two individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Australasian, regional or global response to HIV, viral hepatitis, other BBVs and sexually transmitted infections and by doing so have furthered our vision and mission. Our achievements over the last 30 years would not have been made possible without the generosity of time, input, and expertise of our Honorary Life Members.

Our distinguished ASHM Honorary Life Members

Professor John Ziegler (Foundation Member)

Professor Graeme Stewart (Foundation Member)

Dr Alex Wodak (Foundation Member) AM
A/Professor Joseph McCormack (Foundation Member)
A/Professor Elizabeth Dax AM
Dr David Bradford
Professor Robert Batey
Professor Martyn French
Beatie Pearlman
A/Professor Levinia Crooks AM
Professor David Cooper
Dr Catherine O’Connor
Susan Mason
Professor Jennifer Hoy
Professor Basil Donovan (Foundation Member)
Professor Richard Doherty
A/Professor Edwina Wright
Dr Arun Menon
Dr Annie Balcomb
Dr Virginia Furner
Professor Sharon Lewin AO
Dr Elizabeth Crock

Conferences and Events

Discover our events calendar, featuring impactful health conferences and educational gatherings. Join health professionals, researchers, and community organisations in HIV, BBV, sexual health and other health fields. Explore our calendar to find engaging opportunities tailored to your interests and professional development.

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