We welcome new prescribers. To take part in the Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescriber Program, GPs need to fulfil an initial accreditation process: 

  1. Complete an accredited hepatitis B prescriber training course, or apply for recognition of prior knowledge.  

  1. Access appropriate support from senior clinicians working in a designated liver clinic treatment unit in a public hospital, and access other clinic staff and services. ASHM can put you in contact with a specialist in your area.

  1. Complete an Application Form for HBV Prescribing, which ASHM will provide.

  1. Be committed to ongoing HBV-specific continuing professional development (CPD) ​ 

For more information on how to become a prescriber, please refer to Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescriber Program: A Guide for General Practitioners or contact us at HBVPrescriber@ashm.org.au



ASHM administers the Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescriber Program for: 

  • ACT Health (see process

  • NSW Ministry of Health (see process​

  • Northern Territory Government Department of Health (see CDC SHBBVU

  • Department for Health and Ageing, Government of South Australia (see process

  • Government of Western Australia Department of Health (see process

  • Queensland Health (see process

  • Public Health Services Tasmania (see process


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